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The average cost to replace an HVAC system is $3,250 to $12,586, which would include installation of both a new central AC unit and gas furnace combo. If you need to replace ductwork as well, you can expect an additional $1,875 for a single story 2,200 sq. ft home.


Furnace and AC Combo Cost Factors. The range from $3,600 to almost $12,000 is quite broad. Where on the spectrum your furnace and air conditioner cost will fall depends on these factors. Efficiency and performance: As discussed above, the better the equipment is, the more it will cost.


The cost of a new heating and air conditioning system varies widely. This guide covers all the details including Low, High, and Average costs, plus important details about installation and accessories. For an installed central heating and cooling system, you can expect to pay about $3,900 on the low end and more than $14,000 for […]


Additionally, combination heating and air conditioning units are usually a much better deal than buying them each separately. Furnace/air conditioner combo costs are significantly less when compared to new furnace and AC costs, and customers who buy both at the same time will save, on average, $1000.


Installation Costs for New Furnaces Of course, the cost of the furnace itself is just one part of the equation. Installation costs can significantly add to the overall cost to replace a furnace. For example, when replacing an older furnace, the new model is probably not going to be precisely the same physical size as the old one.


Air Conditioning Installation Costs. As you can see above, the average cost to install all air conditioning units is roughly $4,700. Nonetheless, your AC unit cost will largely depend on the size you need. If your home is 1,600 square feet, a 2.5-ton air conditioner will cool it well and cost between $3,000 and $4,000.


How much does it cost to install a gas furnace and ductwork? Installing a new gas furnace and ductwork costs upward of $10,000 in total. How long does a gas furnace last? Gas furnaces can last 10 to 12 years on average. How long does it take to install a new furnace? It should only take 2 to 3 hours, provided the install is not complex.


If there is ductwork already in place, your total installation price for a whole house central air will be very reasonable. For a 1,600-2,000 sq.ft. house, a 2.5 ton central AC system costs $3,900-5,000.. Most homes that have a forced air heating system have ducts that can be used for AC as well.


This can raise the cost of the installation significantly, with starting costs closer to $4,000-$5,000 for the same amount of ductwork. In a replacement situation , you’re usually removing old ducts that may be leaking and replacing them with new ducts in the same configuration.


Depending on the system chosen for your home, high efficiency gas furnace installation prices can range between approximately $2,900 and $6,400, with an average price of $3,900, including your new equipment, materials and labour.The exact cost of a gas furnace installation will depend on several factors including the design of the furnace, the square footage and layout of your home, as well as ...