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The weekly cost of furnace oil from 1990 to the present ranges from around $1.00 to over $4.00 per gallon in 2016, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The cost of furnace oil varies with the oil market and global fluctuations in supply and demand.


The size of a furnace has a dramatic affect on its cost, with pricing rising with the size of the furnace. Furnaces with higher efficiency ratings typically cost more than ones rated lower.


Furnaces with near-total efficiency, or an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of around 97 percent, are recommended for reducing heating costs, according to Consumer Reports. Using more energy-efficient furnaces leads to lower energy bills for heating.


A wood-burning furnace is installed by selecting a suitable location in non-combustible surroundings, installing a vertical chimney, mounting the furnace and screwing the ductwork collector to its outtake. The chimney is then assembled, and the wiring harnesses of any internal blowers are connected


Preparing the chimney, attaching and connecting the stovepipe, and putting the wood stove in a safe place are the three parts of installing a wood furnace. With a masonry fireplace, the installation process does not require boring through the roof with a separate chimney.


Install furnace venting by locating a place on the roof for the vent pipe and cutting out an opening, attaching the vent pipe and sealing the edges. This project requires a reciprocal saw, a vent pipe, vent flashing, a vent cap, roofing cement, roofing paper, a tape measure and shingles.


An experienced heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, professional should install any propane furnace. Finding a fully licensed and insured technician is vital, because an improperly installed propane system is a major fire hazard.


To install a window AC, open the bottom sash fully, balance the unit in the window with the bottom flange against the outside of the frame, close the sash, lock the sash in place, and expand the wings. Add insulation and weatherstripping to prevent heat infiltration.


Wall-mounted furnaces save on space and are safer than floor models. They also come in different colors, shapes and sizes, offering options when decorating a space.


Only a licensed contractor should perform the installation of a direct vent furnace. He should be trained to handle the plumbing, gas, electrical and venting aspects of a direct vent furnace and be aware of all local and national codes.