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Central air conditioning units can be highly energy efficient, with many of them certified as energy efficient by the Department of Energy's Energy Star program. These air conditioners are estimated to be up to 15 percent more efficient than non-certified models.


Air conditioners work by removing warm air in an enclosed area and leaving only cooled air to circulate. The cooling effect is achieved by filtering the indoor air through evaporator coils with a cold refrigerant and streaming the cooled air back into the room. This process also effectively dehumidi


The four main parts of an air conditioner are the evaporator, condenser, expansion valve and compressor. A refrigerant, fans to blow cold and hot air, filters and a thermostat are also needed to ensure your air conditioning unit works properly.


Perhaps the most important part of an air conditioner is the compressor, which compresses the refrigerant. Compression warms the refrigerant, which is allowed to cool off before it is expanded, creating cool air.


Average prices for the Goodman DSXC18 series air conditioner are approximately $2,109 not including installation as of 2014, as reported by review website Furnace Compare. The DSXC is available in a five-ton version and is considered the top air conditioner of its class by Furnace Compare.


The two main types of air conditioner jobs are service technician jobs and installation technician jobs. Service technicians work on repairing and maintaining HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) units, while installation technicians solely focus on the installation of new HVAC units.


Portable and window air conditioners are small, self-contained devices, while central air conditioners are larger and more complex, so repairs are generally more involved. Central air conditioners are also more expensive, so even expensive repairs are more likely to be worth the cost over purchasing


According to HofStuffWorks, troubleshooting a central air conditioner starts by identifying the problem. These may include the unit not working, not stopping or not cooling.


The best brands of air conditioners are Hitachi, LG, Carrier and Samsung, according to a 2013 review by Before Its News. Listcrux affirms the dominance and staying power of these four brands by listing them in their top 10 air conditioner brands in the world for 2014.


A drain pipe for a central air conditioner system is generally found around or behind the location of the unit. The drain pipe is typically made using a PVC pipe that is connected into the wall of the home and is colored in either black or white.