Dictionary.com defines a stock ledger as the capital stock records of a corporation. Stock ledgers are also often referred to as stock books. These records are permanent, and contain the personal information of each stoc... More »

Ordinary share capital refers to shares that are issued by a company that allow shareholders voting rights within a corporation. Ordinary shareholders may also receive dividends. Ordinary shares are also referred to as c... More »

A stock certificate is authenticated upon verification of the unique number imprinted on its face by the issuing corporation or by its successor. This identifier confirms the name of the registered owner along with the c... More »

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Ordinary dividends are payments that are received from a corporation's profits because the payee owns a portion of the company's stock. Some ordinary dividends are known as qualified ordinary dividends, which are taxed d... More »

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A bank can issue new stock or sell subordinated debt to increase capital ratio if the bank is publicly traded, according to William F. Hummel, chief scientist of Control Systems Laboratory. Alternatively, a bank can impr... More »

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In order to look up a product based on its stock keeping unit code, it would be necessary to have the stock records for the specific company where the product was purchased or sold. This is because the SKU is only assign... More »

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A personal recognizance bond is an obligation freely entered into before a common law court to take up and execute some duty, according to Dictionary.com. This specified act is often simply to return to the court at the ... More »