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DuPont Joint Adhesive is designed to bond DuPont Corian solid surface materials to each other or to DuPont Zodiaq quartz surfacing material. DuPont does not approve Joint Adhesive for any other purpose, including bonding Corian to any other material.


To use a Corian countertop repair kit, wash the area and scrub out scratches with the color-coded abrasive pads that come in the kit. When the countertop is smooth, let it dry and allow the pads to air out.


DuPont Corian is not a paint, and users do not paint it onto any surface. Instead, it is sold as an acrylic-based premium solid surface material that a trained installer can customize to create unique and seamless household surfaces.


To cut Corian, cover the piece in masking tape, and then cut through it with a scroll saw at an angle. You need a scroll saw that runs at 900 to 1000 strokes per minute, a scroll blade specially made to cut through Corian, a diamond hone and masking tape.


Companies that install Corian products depend on the location of the home or business. The Corian website has a retailer locator, through which a customer can look up his location and find the nearest supplier and installer.


To repair cracks in a Corian sink, clean the crack with soapy solution and hydrogen peroxide; sand the crack; heat the interior of the crack and surrounding areas; fill the crack with epoxy seam sealer; and sand over crack. Clean the area thoroughly before using the sink. You need a hair dryer, a cr


Fine grade sandpaper or Comet cleanser and a Scotch-Brite Pad are some good scratch removers for Corian. Use mildly abrasive products to avoid damaging the countertop.


Corian counters can be cleaned with a soap or cloth and soapy water; using a circular cleaning motion and only dampening the surface can prevent streaks. Ammonia-based cleaners also work, as do commercial cleaners labeled as being safe to use on Corian surfaces.


To cut and glue a solid surface material counter top, such as Corian, take precise measurements and use a circular saw to make the cuts, and then use a two-part epoxy adhesive to glue the surfaces together. Consider making a template from a piece of wood to ensure proper sizing and cutting of the so


Clean and polish Corian countertops using an ammonia-based household cleaner. Avoid using glass cleaners that also contain wax, which builds up on the countertop and dulls the shine. Disinfect the surface with bleach.