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To clean Corian countertops, use soapy water, an ammonia based cleaner or a countertop cleaner. Wipe countertops dry after spills to prevent buildup and use Deep Cleaner for Dupont Corian for built-up residue that is difficult to remove.


Cutting a Corian countertop requires proper measurements and a sharp blade. A circular saw or router work best to cut the Corian countertop, but for smaller cuts, a belt sander works great.


Cut Corian countertops using a circular saw fitted with a special blade or a router with a straight bit. Use a belt sander for finish trimming. Cut holes for plumbing using a hole saw fitted to an electric drill.


Some of the best colors for Corian countertops are variances of either black or white. This is because these two colors, or any shade of gray between them, are the easiest to match to other colors or decorating styles.


Pictures of Corian countertops are available at KitchenMagic.com and ReddingCountertops.com. KitchenMagic.com hosts a photo gallery of a variety of Corian countertops in before-and-after remodels. .


Corian countertops are made of a mix of acrylic polymers and stone, making them uniform throughout and less expensive than natural stone. Use of polymers allows the manufacturer to create the countertop in colors not available in nature. Corian is less prone to cracking and easier to mill than stone


Film and light scratches may be sanded away from Corian using an abrasive cleanser and cleaning pads. Very fine grit, wet-dry sandpaper can remove deeper scratches.


To remove stains from Corian countertops, clean the surface with a sponge, warm soapy water and an ammonia-based cleanser, rinse and dry thoroughly, and spray on Deep Cleaner for DuPont Corian by Stone Care International. After applying the Deep Cleaner, wash, rinse and dry the countertops again.


Polish most Corian countertops using a mild abrasive cleaner and a scouring pad. The process takes many applications to provide the countertop with a glossy finish, but this method is cheap and effective for most semi-gloss Corian countertops. Polishing a matte or rough finish Corian countertop in a


Corian is a man-made material, while granite is a naturally occurring stone. Geology.com describes the formation of granite as a slow crystallization of magma within the Earth. The site also goes on to explain that granite is made mostly of quartz and feldspar with small quantities of amphiboles, mi