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Expert repair and refinishing of solid surface countertops. We can repair any problem you have from cracks, broken sinks, refab to fit a new application, scratch removal. On site repairs and refinishing. North Carolina.


Customizable repair solution for wood, laminate, tile, stone, vinyl and LVT - on floors, countertops, and furniture. The only kit you'll need for repairing cracks, chips, dings, dents, deep scratches, gouges and gaps. Applies smoothly, dries quickly, and cleans up easily


What Can You Do about Your Cracked Corian Countertop? Corian is a durable and beautiful material that is a popular choice for countertops. It can look as beautiful as granite, quartz, and other high-end materials, and it can come a larger variety of colors. ... Plenty of DIY kits are available to repair your Corian countertops yourself. While ...


Corian for the creative. Apply a very thin bead of Art Specialties International, Inc. Super Thin CA (tinted if this is a solid light color) over the crack while it is closed.


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Let me first give a little disclaimer, if you have very deep scratches, this won’t be the answer. BUT at our house we feel it’s worth a shot before ordering a repair kit.If you try this method and it doesn’t work, a Corian repair kit like this is under $20 and would be the next step. But first, let’s DIY, shall we?


CM, Solid surface repair ("solid surface" is the generic name for solid resin composite countertops) is not an easy do-it-yourself project, primarily because repair materials are not readily available to consumers and there is a general lack of public information on repair techniques.. It is a shame, because skilled do-it-yourselfers should be able to do a great job on simple repairs.


Corian is the expert here and you are relying on Corian's professional judgment when it says the product can be repaired. In other words, you didn't make the decision to repair, Corian made that decision, and Corian promised the repair would be as good as the original product.


Corian is a common material used for countertops and stove tops. Because of its makeup, it has many other applications as well and further has the ability to be manipulated and sculpted. Created by DuPont, corian is often found in kitchens and comes in well over 100 different colors.


Crack, Burn & Chip Repairs – Refinishing. Resizing Cooktop/Stove Cutouts – Re configuring Countertops. Schedule Appointment. We are Certified Warranty Repair Specialists and have specialized in Corian® and many other Solid Surface repairs since 1989. Our mission is to restore your solid surface countertops to their original beauty while ...