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To repair cracked plastic, a person can use plastic epoxy. While there are several types of plastic glue that sometimes work, some are not as durable as epoxy.


Leather repair kits are available at a variety of sites online, including amazon.com, leatherworldtech.com, leatherreparikits.com, joann.com and 3mauto.com. Offline stores carry leather repair kits as well, such as Joann Fabrics and Ace Hardware, as of 2015.


Once a CD is cracked, it is damaged beyond repair.Do not attempt to use a CD that is broken or cracked.


To repair a door using a door jamb repair kit, take the door catch out of the door, fill all the holes and cracks in the door with wood glue or wood filler, and place wood clamps that are included in the kit on the cracks to hold them together. Allow the glue to dry for several hours with the clamps


To repair a cracked window, start by preventing the crack from spreading by making a small arc around the crack with a glass cutter, and fill up small holes with transparent finger nail paint or shellac. Clean the cracked area with acetone and fill the crack with super glue.


To repair a tear in a convertible top using a repair kit, clean the area around the tear with isopropyl alcohol. Apply the included tape to the underside of the tear, allowing the tape to extend 1 inch past the damaged edges. On the top side of the tear, apply the waterproof adhesive, and apply the


To repair a cracked sink, clean and dry the crack, apply epoxy adhesive, let it dry, and sand it smooth. Oil ruins the epoxy bond, so avoid touching the crack after it is cleaned and dried.


The Tear-Aid Repair Type B vinyl kit, the Permatex 81786 Super Clear vinyl sealant repair kit, Performix 075815100016 VLP leather and vinyl repair and the ReStor-It leather/vinyl repair kit are good vinyl repair kits. Each of these vinyl repair kits has a 3.3-star rating or higher on Amazon.com, as


Repairing a cracked toilet is a process that takes a variable amount of time depending on the number and severity of cracks present. To repair a cracked toilet, you need a caulking gun, a putty knife, sponges, towels, epoxy and an adjustable crescent wrench.


To repair a crack in concrete, simply clean the crack by removing excess pieces, and dust with both a chisel and a broom before applying patching compound to the area. You need a cold chisel, a hammer, a concrete trowel or putty knife, concrete patching compound, a broom, water-based polyurethane an