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I'm looking at a group-buy option for a set of Arctic Claw winter tires. They are made by Cooper and look decent but I've yet to see a true review by anyone, let alone a professional.


What Are Arctic Claw Snow Tires? The Arctic Claw XSI and TXI are winter tire brands manufactured by the tire company Multi Mile to combat snow and other inclement weather conditions on the roadways. The tires feature a high-traction tread and patented snow groove technology and are sold in both studded and non-studded varieties.


A premium, studdable winter tire designed to combine maximum traction in wet, slush, and snow with a smooth and quiet ride. Winter performance packaged with an attractive highly stylized sidewall.


Any opinions on the Multi-Mile Arctic Claw TXI? submitted 6 ... Multi Mile is owned by TBC, who is owned by Suimitomo, and they contract out to Cooper and Kelly for tire manufacturing. I put a set of Arctic Claws on a Jetta for a girl I was dating awhile ago, and they were pretty alright in the snow, but they wore badly even with rotation, and ...


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The Arctic Claw Winter TXI tire is a premium, studdable winter tire designed to combine maximum traction in wet, slush, and snow with a smooth and quiet ride. It has excellent winter performance, packaged with a good looking and highly stylized sidewall. The high-traction tread design balances wet and dry performance with a quiet ride.


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Just picked these up last week. Yes they are noisy, and becasue of the studs, don't handle as well on bare road, but I only care about how these do on snow and ice because these are on my 2nd car (Jeep) that I only take on winter ski trips into the steep canyon roads of Nrn Utah.


Example would be michelin x - ice 2 vs cheap china made winter claw tires. Price difference is round $400 for a set of 4. Saving is substantial and I have read some reviews that the michelin tires Re top rated but does it really worth it? Any one using the winter claw extreme grip snow tires and any feedback will be great appreciated?


Arctic Claw Tires is a tire brand dedicated to making winter tires for cars, trucks, SUVs and Crossovers. The manufacturer has worked hard to move beyond the perception of low quality typical of private label tires, and created a dependable product range to meet the needs of North American drivers at the lowest price possible.