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20 Unusual Tricks You Should Start Teaching Your Dog Today. May 5, 2019 Photo credit ... and teaching your dog tricks is a great way to let him win your praise and affection. To keep your dog safe and mentally stimulated, it is essential to teach him basic commands such as sit, stay and heel. ... your dog is very smart and well motivated to ...


Committing yourself to teaching your dog some tricks is a great New Year’s resolution, but it's also a fun bonding experience for you and your dog throughout the year. Watch these videos to ...


Siiiit. Staaaaay. Watch the video… good dog! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog.


Welcome to the Ultimate List of Dog Trick Ideas! On this page you will find a list of 100 dog tricks you can teach your dog. They are here to inspire you, motivate you and get you to spend time with your dog training and ultimately creating a closer bond with your dog.


Teach your dog to roll-over; the most famous of dog tricks. Step 1: Have your dog lay down. Step 2: Lure him with the training stick or with your treat to have him move over to one hip and on his side. Click and treat. Step 3: Use the lure to get him to go over on his back. (This may take time for some dogs).


Dog's are smart and are looking for your approval and that treat, so hang in there . Jun 8, 2018. “Tricks are like puzzles for dogs; teaching your dog new tricks not only challenges his mind, but enhances his focus and intelligence,” explains. Apr 8, 2019. So, you've decided to get a new puppy and want it to be the smartest dog in town.


Here are ten fun and easy tricks that you can train a dog to do. Dog tricks are a great way to take your dog training to the next level. Here are ten fun and easy tricks that you can train a dog to do. ... Plus it's a lot of fun to train a dog some cool dog tricks to show off for friends! 01 of 10. Give Kiss. CC0 Public Domain / PXHere ...


3 Instagram-Worthy Tricks To Teach Your Dog: The Snoot, Treat Balance, & Harry Potter Spells - Dogs Blog January 6, 2020 at 9:00 am […] first step is to have your dog seated upright in front of you.


One of the coolest things about dogs is just how smart they are! They are capable of learning so many things, and there are plenty of cool tricks to teach your dog. My 5-year-old German Shepherd, Fang, and I have done a few cool tricks during our time together. My German Shepherd is super smart, so tricks come easy for us.