Determine the underlying pigments of your skin to select the best hair color for you skin tone. In general, people with cool undertones in their skin look best with a cool hair color, and those with warm undertones in th... More »

If your complexion is ivory or a warm beige, you likely look best in colors such as blue, lime green and yellow, according to eBay. If you have a rose beige or cool mocha complexion, soft shades of pink, yellow and blue ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

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Determining the best hair color for anyone starts by determining the tone and shade of the person's skin, which complements hair color. Skin tone is described as deep, cool or warm, and skin shades are grouped as fair, m... More »

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Pick a Clairol hair color by using Clairol's shade guide, considering your skin tone, choosing a light color and trying a demi-permanent hair color. If you are unsure of your choice, color experts are available at 800-25... More »

According to In Style magazine, the key to picking a new hair color is to choose one that is appropriate for your skin tone. Study your hair and skin in natural light to choose the right color. More »