I Spy, 20 Questions and The License Plate Game are three car game classics, says Edmunds.com. With I Spy, one player selects an object visible to all, and the others try to guess what it is. Twenty Questions typically ki... More »

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Some popular games with cars on Coolmath-Games.com include Crazy Taxi M-12 and Parking Mania. Crazy Taxi is a simple game where the player is an increasingly fast-paced taxi jumping over cars and trying not to crash. In ... More »

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Some car games on Coolmath are the "Wheely" games, "Jelly Truck," "Parking Panic," "Crazy Taxi M-12" and "Car Ferry." These games appear on the Start Your Engines playlist in Coolmath's games section at Coolmath-Games.co... More »

ABCya.com is not listed among the best make a car game sites for children, according to Common Sense Media. It is, however, recognized as one of the leaders in free educational computer activities and games for kids, inc... More »

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Some games where players can make their own cars include "Create a Ride Version 2.0" from AGame.com and "Create a Car" from ABCya.com. "Create a Ride Version 2.0" allows players to create super modified rides, while "Cre... More »

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If a borrower defaults on his car loan, most state laws allow the lender to repossess the car without any warning, says Nolo. Borrowers with a poor credit history are generally considered flight risks by both banks and m... More »

A Goodguys custom car show is an automotive event that features hot rods, custom cars, classics, trucks, street machines and muscle cars. The Goodguys organization is devoted to sharing its love of automobiles with the r... More »

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