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Tips. Cooking times can vary according to pasta shape, amount, and type (whole-wheat, gluten-free, etc.). Unlike dried pasta, fresh pasta takes only two or three minutes to cook, max.


The right way Selecting the type of pasta. Chef Chris Whitpan prefers fresh pasta, but if you have to use dried for practicality's sake, he thinks Barilla is the winner. Chef Shaya Klechevsky agrees.


The difficulty to cook the pasta also depends on the quality: if the pasta is of low quality, often requires very short cooking times, while the pasta is of high quality, cooking times increase. Personally, I advise to buy the pasta of good quality even if it is a little expensive and avoid to buy cheap and low-quality pasta.


Stir the pasta As the pasta starts to cook, stir it well with the tongs so the noodles don’t stick to each other (or the pot). Test the pasta by tasting it Follow the cooking time on the package, but always taste pasta before draining to make sure the texture is right. Pasta cooked properly should be al dente—a little chewy. Drain the pasta


Pasta dishes can be so wonderful—incredibly light, unbelievably flavorful—but they can also be dense, stuck-together disappointments. You can help your pasta dish be its best—whether it’s a baked lasagne, a pasta salad, or a slap-dash plate of spaghetti and pesto—by knowing a few of the hows and whys of cooking the pasta itself.


How To Cook Perfect Pasta: Important Rule: Pasta should be prepared just before serving it. Use a Large Pot: To cook pasta properly, pasta needs a lot of water. A too-small pot and too little water encourages the pasta to clump and stick together, thus cooking unevenly.


Learning how to cook excellent pasta isn’t only about achieving ‘al dente’ and learning how to use pasta water, it’s a lesson in the boons of practical cooking: How to correctly use a few pantry ingredients to rustle up a feast—whether it’s using the pantry as the base for dishes of varying effort à la weekend Patrizia or it’s a ...


How To Properly Cook Pasta. I love these types of articles, because I know that there are some people out there who may or may not know how to cook pasta properly and they have been doing it for years. My hope is that you will find this advice helpful on your journey to becoming a better cook. Check out our Resource section for some curated recommendations for cookware and tools.


How To: Cook Perfect Pasta POSTED June 28, 2016. Cooking pasta is as easy as boiling water, but cooking pasta correctly is about paying attention to detail. You can help your pasta dish to be its best by knowing a few of the hows and whys of cooking pasta. 8 Steps to Perfect Pasta. 1. For every one pound of pasta, bring 5 quarts of water to a ...


How to Cook Pasta Perfectly: Here's Everything You Need to Know America's Test Kitchen. ... Have you been cooking pasta all wrong? It's about time to learn how to cook noodles like a pro.