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Google Translate converts English to Spanish for free using voice or keyboard input. SpanishDict.com and SpanishCentral.com also provide free English to Spanish conversion through text only.


Translate.Google.com freely provides English to Spanish translation using voice or text input. Other free translation options include SpanishDict.com and Translate.Reference.com, which offer text input only. One free option on mobile devices is the Spanish English Translator app.


As of April 2015, there are multiple online resources that offer English to Spanish, as well as Spanish to English translation services. Some useful resources include Google Translate, FreeTranslation.com and SpanishDict.com.


You can get English sentences corrected online at PaperRater.com, GingerSoftware.com and SpellCheckPlus.com. Each website has a free basic grammar-checker, though PaperRater.com and GingerSoftware.com each offer more comprehensive grammar-checkers at paying membership levels.


You can get grammar checker tools to correct your English sentences, or have English native speakers from various language learning platforms and language exchange sites and mobile apps to help you. You can ask for help with correcting sentences on English grammar forums.


A Spanish-to-English dictionary is available on SpanishDict.com, as of May 2015. The dictionary translates words and phrases either from Spanish-to-English or vice versa. The dictionary provides word definitions, forms of the word, conjugations, an audio pronunciation and a video translation.


Several free Spanish-to-English translators are available online and as apps for mobile devices, including Google Translate, Babylon.com and iTranslate. All three resources translate Spanish to English and English to Spanish and support many other languages as well.


Eprevodilac.com is a website that specializes in the translation of Latin and English phrases. Users may also use the website Latin Phrase Translation to translate whole Latin phrases.


Word search, Spanish-English Word Match, and Hangman are examples of Spanish games that help you learn English. Learning a language is not limited to studying.


In a typical English sentence, the subject is first, and the verb is second. The subject is who or what the sentence is about, and the verb expresses an action or state of being. In the simple sentence "Mary left work," the subject is "Mary," and the verb is "left."