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Google Translate converts English to Spanish for free using voice or keyboard input. SpanishDict.com and SpanishCentral.com also provide free English to Spanish conversion through text only.


Convert DOCX files to DOC files using a free online conversion tool such as Zamzar. This free tool provides a way to upload your file and convert it without the need to download a program.


To convert a WPS file to a DOC file, install Microsoft Works 6-9 File Converter, and open and save the WPS file as a DOC file in Microsoft Word. You need Microsoft Works 6-9 File Converter and Microsoft Word 2007 or later.


To convert numbers to words, start on the left side. If groups of digits are separated by commas, take one group at a time. Write the words for that group, and add "thousand," or "million" if necessary. Continue, ending with the last digit on the right. Calculator Soup Online Calculator Resource con


You can learn Spanish words through word lists on websites that teach Spanish, such as LearnSpanishToday.com, SpanishPod101.com and StudySpanish.com. You can also use an online Spanish dictionary, such as SpanishDict.com, to look up words in Spanish or English.


Google Docs is a suite of web-based applications offered by Google that gives free access to word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs. Users can create documents using the apps, save them to Google Drive, which provides data storage, and easily share files with other online users.


The Spanish word for radio is "la radio." In Spanish, nouns are either masculine or feminine and require the appropriate corresponding article. Radio is a singular feminine noun and requires the use of "la" in front of it.


Find definitions of Spanish words at dictionary.reverso.net and WordReference.com, or use a smartphone app, such as Bravolol's free Spanish English Dictionary & Translator. Appcrawlr.com features other suitable apps, including free apps for various smartphone types.


Use PDFCreator to convert a PRN file to a PDF format, and then open the PDF in Microsoft Word to save it as a DOC file. You need a Windows-based computer or a Mac with Windows installed through BootCamp, a PRN file, PDFCreator, and Microsoft Word to get started.


Ways to listen to Spanish words to improve Spanish listening skills include finding Spanish speakers, listening to Spanish podcasts, watching TV and movies in Spanish, and switching all devices to Spanish. It is important to note that Spanish has diverse dialects and accents.