Miles (mi) are Imperial or English units used to measure distance, and kilometers (km) are metric units used to measure distance. Some devices, such as many car speedometers, measure and display both, but when the conver... More » Science Measurements

To convert metric kilometers into customary miles, multiply the kilometers by a conversion rate of 0.6214. Using this conversion, 1 kilometer is equal to 0.6214 miles. More » Science Measurements

To convert 500 kilometers to miles, you must find the relationship between the two units and calculate the change. Converting between kilometers and miles requires a simple calculator and a conversion table. To avoid det... More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions

Common units for measuring distance include meters, feet, inches, yards and miles. The metric system uses the word "meter" along with a prefix that designates a multiple of ten. Standard units, common in the United State... More »

While both miles and kilometers are units used to measure distance, miles are part of the imperial system of measurement, and kilometers are part of the metric system of measurement. The only country to use the imperial ... More »

To convert 220 kilometers per hour to miles per hour, divide 220 by 1.61. The result shows that 220 kph equals about 136.65 mph. More » Science Measurements

In the study of enzyme kinetics, the units Km and Vmax are measurements used to represent the rate of enzymatic reactions. Typically Vmax represents the maximum reaction rate achieved by the system, while Km is the subst... More »