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There are many online resources for translating French into English, including Google Translate, Babylon and Systran, as well as translation services that charge for a personalized, human translation. While the technology surrounding online translation has improved, a professionally translated docum


The most basic French words required for any visit are those of greeting and goodbye: "Bonjour" and "Au revoir". Informal alternatives may also be used, depending on the person who is being spoken to.


Google Translate converts English to Spanish for free using voice or keyboard input. SpanishDict.com and SpanishCentral.com also provide free English to Spanish conversion through text only.


The formal French phrase for the English word "please" is the phrase "s'il vous plait." When speaking to a person who is familiar, it is also an option to use the phrase "s'il te plait."


To convert numbers to words, start on the left side. If groups of digits are separated by commas, take one group at a time. Write the words for that group, and add "thousand," or "million" if necessary. Continue, ending with the last digit on the right. Calculator Soup Online Calculator Resource con


There is no definitive number of words in the English language although Webster's Third New International Unabridged Dictionary contains approximately 470,000 entries. The difficulty in quantifying the number of words in English results from the constantly evolving use of the language.


Some of the most common French words and phrases are "oui," "non," "s'il vous plaît," "à cause de," and "au contraire." In English, these words and phrases mean "yes," "no," "because of," "please," and "on the contrary," respectively.


Some words that are used in both Italian and English are "barista," "bologna," "broccoli," "calamari" and "cappuccino." Other words shared by the English and Italian languages are "concerto," "diva," "piano," "solo" and "zero."


Yves, Thierry, Danielle, and Jacqueline are some examples of French names. The meaning of Yves is yew wood. One of the most famous people named Yves is fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. The meaning of Thierry is powerful or ruler of the people.


A great venue for listening to French words in context is through one of the many French radio stations streaming live via the Internet. Other good sources include online French television channels, YouTube-posted grammar and vocabulary practice videos, and online flashcards.