This would convert the 1.0 Bank Cubic Yard (BCY) to 1.25 Loose Cubic Yards ( LCY). According to the estimate of the job, you now know you will actually need to ...


Any changes or other suggestions? BCY = bank cubic yards. LCY = loose cubic yards. CCY = compacted cubic yards. Sw = swell factor. Sh = ...


Definitions: Bank Cubic Yards (BCY)/Bank Cubic Meters (BCM): Material as it lies in its natural bank state. Loose Cubic Yards (LCY)/ ...


Bank cubic yards (BCY). Shrinkage factor is either estimated or obtained from job plans or specifications which show the conversion from compacted measure to ...


ESOL's Fill Volume Conversion Reports provide full control of the material costs.” ... or bank cubic yard (BCY) quantities required for fill construction is important.


To convert soil quantity from CCY to BCY, multiply the CCY value by the factor ... and the project requires 20,000 cubic yards of damp compacted sand fill with 95  ...


Post any conversion related questions and discussions here. ... If there are 1.15 bank cubic yards in a loose cubic yard, and 1.5 tons in a loose cubic yard, ... Bank Cubic Card (BCY) is smaller than Loose Cubic Yard (LCY).


Cubic Yards to Cubic Meters (yd³ to m³) conversion calculator for Volume conversions with additional tables and formulas.


Abbreviation, Unit of measure, To convert to-, Multiply by -. BCY, bank cubic yard, cubic meter, 0.7646. d/wk, day per week, NAp. d/yr, day per year, NAp.


May 9, 2018 ... (in-place or in-situ). ▫ Unit: Bank Cubic Yard (BCY) ... Bank Volume: Convert gallons of water to cubic ... Cubic yards calculated from dimension ...