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Divergent Evolution: Dinosaurs, Darwin’s finches, and forelimb structures of vertebrates are examples of divergent evolution. Conclusion Convergent evolution and divergent evolution are two types of processes that bring changes to organisms, allowing the organism to adapt to their environment.


The drawing shows the similarities in the wing structure of three distinct species created through convergent evolution. Divergent Evolution. As the name implies, divergent evolution shows how species can change slightly over time and separate (diverge) into new forms.


A hummingbird and the hummingbird moth are a good example of convergent evolution. They are the same size, eat the nectar of the same flowers, and have wings that work in a similar manner.


The other term - Convergent Evolution - is often regarded as the opposite of Divergence. However, convergent evolution was only a play of words that evolutionary biologists came up with to explain one of their many observations; it has got nothing to do with divergence as such. Here is a brief account of convergent evolution vs. divergent ...


Let’s talk about divergent evolution first. In divergent evolution two or more distinct species share a common ancestor from which they diverged. A common example is the modern elephant and the ...


Oh boy, there are tons of great examples. Convergent Evolution is when multiple lineages of life independently evolve similar structures.. One classic example is wings: Birds, bats, pterosaurs, and insects all evolved wings for flying.But all four groups evolved from non-winged ancestors, so each type of wing is unique, unlike the others in structure, though their function is the same.


Below infographic on the difference between convergent and divergent evolution explains these differences comparatively. Summary – Convergent vs Divergent Evolution. Convergent and divergent evolution are two types of evolution. Convergent evolution occurs between unrelated species that do not share a common ancestor.


Examples of convergent evolution are wings of insects, birds, bats, streamlined body of dolphins and shark, whereas that of Darwin finches (kind of birds) is the example of divergent evolution. In convergent evolution, species evolve from the different species but develops similar characteristics, like wings of birds and insects.


What Are Examples of Convergent Evolution? An example of convergent evolution is the similar overall body structure of sharks and dolphins. The shark is a fish while the dolphin is a mammal, but their bodies have evolved to become similar.


Convergent evolution — the repeated evolution of similar traits in multiple lineages which all ancestrally lack the trait — is rife in nature, as illustrated by the examples below. The ultimate cause of convergence is usually a similar evolutionary biome, as similar environments will select for similar traits in any species occupying the same ecological niche, even if those species are ...