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Convectional rainfall occurs when the energy of the sun (or insolation) heats the earth’s surface and causes water to evaporate changing to water vapor. This warm, moist air then rises, and as it rises, it cools.


What Is Convectional Rainfall? Convectional rainfall occurs when the warm air deflected from a landform rises and forms rain clouds. Convectional rainfall is very common in tropical areas as well as areas in southeastern England. When the sun's warm rays heat the land, it also heats the air above it. The warm air will cool as it rises.


Convectional rainfall is very common in areas where the ground is heated by the hot sun, such as the Tropics. Stage 1. The sun heats the ground and warm air rises. Stage 2 As the air rises it cools and water vapour condenses to form clouds.


Convectional rainfall - diagram and explanation ... explaining how the sun's energy will cause surface water to evaporate and rise in the atmosphere condensing to form convectional rain clouds and ...


Convectional rainfall is mostly common around towards the south of Britain in the summer. Frontal rainfall is when cold air and warm air meet, the warm, light air wants to get past the heavy cold ...


We need rain for the growing of crops and grass and all the lakes and rivers need it. Rain is truly beautiful and it would nice to study it in more detail and how it works. In this hub, I will be explaining everything you need to know about the water cycle, about the different types of rainfall and clouds.


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Convectional rain. When the Sun heats the Earth's surface, the ground heats the air above it. Convection makes the air rise and cool. When it cools to the dew point, clouds form and rain follows.This usually occurs on flat land.This type of rainfall often causes summer showers and thunderstorms.. Relief rain. Relief rain usually occurs along coastal areas where a line of hills runs along the ....


Precipitation is measured using a rain gauge, and more recently remote sensing techniques such as weather radar. When classified according to the rate of precipitation, rain can be divided into categories. Light rain describes rainfall which falls at a rate of between a trace and 2.5 millimetres (0.098 in) per hour.


Convectional definition, the transfer of heat by the circulation or movement of the heated parts of a liquid or gas. See more. Convectional | Define Convectional at Dictionary.com