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In fact, some controlling partners are acting out of a sense of emotional fragility and heightened vulnerability, and may perhaps show traits of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. Controlling people ...


Signs of a Controlling Woman in a Relationship. There are many different signs of a controlling woman that you can notice. Those are egoism, lack of sympathy, irritation, anxiety, etc. A controlling personality stresses out everyone around. Therefore, in order for a relationship to work properly, partners in a couple should work on their ...


7 signs of a controlling woman A lot of women love to have control in a relationship and they could cause chaos in the relationship if they don’t have control. Being in a relationship with an over-domineering woman is rarely easy, and her antics would leave you most times in defence of yourself.


Men are not the only ones that can be abusive. Women can also be abusive. Marital abuse is when the spouse attempts to exert control and power over her partner. Here are the top 10 signs you have an abusive wife. Abusive wives are controlling. She will control who you hang out with, where you go, where you work, what you do with your paycheck ...


But, what if these traits fit a woman? Consider this email message from one woman: Dr. David, I read your article about the Control Freak and I noticed that a lot of what you wrote was me! Now I ...


Such an irritating personality can be overbearing and come across as controlling and utterly self-centered, lacking empathy and self-control. Add to that a loss of hearing, and a refusal to get a hearing aid, knowing better than the experts, wanting perfection from others and being super critical and analytical about everything, than you have a ...


Such a manipulative personality has its roots in troubles that deal with narcissism, an antisocial nature, stubbornness, borderline personality disorder (BPD), or histrionic personality disorder (HPD). Although these people need help, one needs to be sure whether the person really has a controlling personality to begin with.


Hands down, one of the traits that most annoys friends, romantic partners, and colleagues is the refusal on the part of high-control men and women to admit when they are wrong.


Why Controlling Women Kill Relationships Juli Slattery is a TCW regular contributor and blogger . A widely known clinical psychologist, author, speaker, and broadcast media professional, she co-founded Authentic Intimacy and is the co-author of Passion Pursuit: What Kind of Love Are You Making?


A controlling personality tries to control each and every person and detail around him or her. But have you ever wondered as to what causes a person to be controlling in nature? This article discusses some of the presumed reasons as to why people develop a controlling behavior.