An experimental variable is something that a scientist changes during the course of an experiment. It is distinguished from a controlled variable, which could theoretically change, but the scientists keep constant. More »

In science, the control variable is the one factor in an experiment that the researcher holds steady in an effort to isolate the effect that is being studied. According to, it is also sometimes referred to as t... More » Science Measurements

In experimental research, researchers use controllable variables to see if manipulation of these variables has an effect on the experiment's outcome. Additionally, subjects of the experimental research are randomly assig... More »

A controlled variable is the element or feature that cannot be changed during the course of an experiment. The controlled variable is kept constant so the changes in other variables can be observed more easily. According... More »

A manipulated variable is a facet of an experiment that researchers or scientists change in order to see how the outcome of the experiment changes. The manipulated variable is also called the independent variable, and it... More »

To solve an algebra problem, identify the variable for which you are solving, isolate the terms containing that variable, and then solve the equation by isolating the variable itself. Check your work by plugging your ans... More » Math Algebra

In statistics, a continuous variable refers to a variable that can contain all the possible values within its minimum and maximum ranges. All variables that are not considered continuous are called discrete variables. More »