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Reducing What’s Owed on a Patient’s Bill. A Contractual Adjustment is a part of a patient’s bill that a doctor or hospital must write-off (not charge for) because of billing agreements with the insurance company. Adjustments, or write-off’s, are the dollars that are adjusted off a patient account for any reason.


Contractual adjustment is a phrase commonly used in health insurance when an insured person is covered by an individual or group health plan that involves a network of providers contracted by the insurer. Contractual adjustments generally reduce the amount of the service charge, thus reducing the amount owed on the claim.


It is the most common type of adjustment made by medical providers. A contractual adjustment shows up on a billing statement as an adjustment required, and it decreases the balance. When a medical provider accepts an insurance plan, the contract includes details such as the amount the insurance company pays the provider for certain procedures.


What is contractual allowance? Contractual allowances, also known as contractual adjustments, are the difference between what a healthcare provider bills for the service rendered versus what it will contractually be paid (or should be paid) based on the terms of its contracts with third-party insurers and/or government programs.


Contractual adjustment: $5,000 Accounting : If contractual adjustments are recorded at time of billing, allowance for contractual adjustments at September 30 is $0 If contractual adjustments are recorded at receipt of payment, allowance for contractual adjustments at September 30 is $5,000


Accounting for Health Care Organizations ... Contractual adjustments –third-party payments that are lower than standard rates by contract ... Contractual Adjustments Allowance for Uncollectible Receivables & Third-Party Contractuals 120 25 145. Purchase and use of materials


5. What is a contractual allowance/adjustment? Payors contract with medical providers to obtain a discount in exchange for volume. In other words, they will direct their contract holders (patients) to your facility in exchange for allowing them to pay at a discounted rate.


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In this case the contractual allowance would be $7,200 and the hospital would receive a paid amount of $10,800. Since uninsured payments don’t have contractual adjustments they usually bear a much higher price for hospital care than patients with Medicare or a commercial insurer. In some cases hospitals will provide an automatic discount to ...


adjustments to revenue and bad debts, those judgments are different from one health care entity to another and comparability is impaired, making analysis difficult for financial statement users. ... (net of contractual allowances and discounts) on their statement of operations.