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According to Beautypros.org, the Regency Beauty Institute is the top cosmetology program in the United States. The Aveda Institutes are recognized as the second best cosmetology program by the same publication.


There are no cosmetology courses offered by Ohio State University as of 2015, but there is a beauty academy called Ohio State Beauty Academy that offers cosmetology courses for licensing. Ohio State offers majors and minors in fine arts like dance, music and art but no degrees or certificates for th


According to Beauty Schools Directory, cosmetology kits contain basic supplies for hair care and styling. Some kits are specifically designed for manicurists or barbers. The kits are typically contained in aluminum cases, plastic kiosks with drawers or suitcases with wheels attached.


Some recommended cosmetology textbooks as of 2015 are the "Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, Third Edition," "A Short Textbook of Cosmetology" and "Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair," according to Chemists Corner. The latter of these is also colloquially referred to as "Robbins


Cosmetology exams consist of written and practical portions, and passing them requires quite a bit of studying, real-life practice and even arriving for the exam with all the appropriate tools and materials. Cosmetology exams are offered by all states, and follow the same general formats. All exams


As of 2015, most states require their applicants to cosmetology school have a high school diploma or GED and be 16 years old to enroll. However, some states waive the graduation requirement but require applicants take a test to assess their basic literacy and math skills before they are admitted.


Cosmetology licenses can usually be renewed online or by mail. Typically, renewal notices are mailed out to cosmetology practitioners every 2 years.


In states that allow online license renewals, renew a cosmetology license by visiting the state's professional licensing website and filling out the required forms. Cosmetology licenses are issued by individual states, and license renewal procedures vary from state to state.


The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology requires 1600 hours of training for a cosmetology license and 1500 hours for a barber license. The training must be completed before one can take the state exam. The state exam consists of two tests, a written and a practical.


Cosmetology instructor requirements vary by state. Some states require that the instructor has a completed a certificate program to teach cosmetology, while others accept an apprenticeship combined with continuing education classes. A few states require an associate or bachelor's degree in teaching.