Examples of consumer markets include financial services, consumer electronics, food and beverages, apparel and accessories, leisure and entertainment, and healthcare. These are markets in which buyers purchase products o... More »

The three most frequently studied demographic variables in the U.S. consumer market are age, gender and income level. Other variables that are frequently considered include education level, consumer occupation, family li... More »

Consumer sovereignty is the economic theory that consumers can best determine what goods and services should be produced in a society. Firms, such as businesses and companies, produce whatever the consumer prefers. Econo... More »

Products made in Mexico include food, electronics, shoes, apparel, furniture, chemical products, automotive equipment and accessories, tools, toys and sporting goods. As of July 2006, Mexico was the number one partner wi... More »

Meliá hotels Paradisus Cancún family resort and the ME Cancún adult-oriented resort offer Cancún all-inclusive packages that include accommodations, meals, snacks, beverages, entertainment, and leisure and sporting activ... More »

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Some examples of secondary industries are textile production, steel production, oil refining, food processing, aerospace manufacturing and consumer electronics. The automotive, brewing, energy, tobacco, ship-making and c... More »

Examples of incentives in a workplace include recognition incentives, appreciation incentives, reward incentives and compensation incentives. An incentive is an event, object, item of value or an action that is intended ... More »