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Organizational consultants, like other management consultants, provide independent and objective advice to organizations to define and achieve their goals through improved utilization of resources, according to the Institute of Management Consultants USA. They help companies achieve their business objectives by making ...


What Does an Organizational Development Consultant Do? An organization that isn't working up to its potential is in danger of failing, and the health of any profitable business depends on its workforce. An organizational development consultant is an independent contractor who is trained to enter an organization and develop a plan to make it ...


The consultant's primary role is to assist your organization with certain areas of your inclusiveness work. While the consultant may act as an educator, a catalyst for deeper change, a resource, or a facilitator, the leadership of the process remains within your organization.


The consultant’s contribution therefore, can be defined as filling specific skills needs within an organization. Often, while the basic problem has been identified within the organization, the consultant, in conjunction with the client, will expand on this idea to develop a process with which to address the problem, and formulate a solution.


A company may require a consultant to complete tasks that the internal staff cannot perform due to a lack of expertise, existing commitments, government regulation, or a need for an unbiased opinion. In such instances, consultants may work alone, team with other consultants, or partner with company employees to ...


In the resource role the consultants are expected to provide a specific service to the client based on their expertise. In the content role consultants need to facilitate and enable the client to understand their own organization and its processes (Kubr 2002, Massey and Walker 1999). Kubr (2002) suggests that


Many businesses need outside help continue or improve their operations. As an organizational development consultant, your role is to assist the company in determining what its main problems are, how to cope effectively them, and how to manage any resistance to changes.


Roles of management consultants in business transformation: case Capgemini Consulting Organization and Management Master's thesis Isto Nuorkivi 2009 Department of Marketing and Management HELSINGIN KAUPPAKORKEAKOULU HELSINKI SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS


Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice. ... And just as the client may participate in diagnosis without diminishing the value of the consultant’s role, so there are many ways in which the ...


Role and Style of the OD Practitioner-Chapter 4 Dr. Bernice R. Kennedy. ... Often referred to as Consultants. ... To gauge preparedness of an organization for an OD program, there are four questions the practitioner needs to answer before venturing further.