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photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Topic 5 Topic 4 Topic 6 4. Constructive and Destructive Forces Facts Constructive Facts Topic 3 1. Constructive Forces build the Earth. 2.An earthquake or volcano can act as constructive force. 3. The waves carry sand


Constructive forces promote the deposition of new material on the surface of the earth or on the floor of the oceans. The landscapes that we see on the earth's surface are created and destroyed by constructive and destructive forces respectively. Here is some information about the constructive forces of nature.


Silt and soil deposition, as well as volcanic lava flows, are examples of constructive forces. A constructive force increases geological diversity by creating new mountains and land formations in the Earth’s crust. Destructive forces wear away geological features. The Hawaiian Islands were forged by constructive forces of underwater volcanoes ...


Examples of Destructive Forces of Nature You May Not Be Aware Of Both constructive as well as destructive forces play an important role in the earth's makeover. We give you some examples of nature's destructive forces along with an explanation of the same.


In What Ways Are Volcanoes a Constructive Force? Volcanoes are constructive forces in that they create new land, fertilize existing lands and bring many new minerals to the surface of the planet. Volcanoes also bring heat to the areas surrounding them and attract wildlife on land and beneath the sea.


Constructive Forces. The processes for building new land are called constructive forces.Three of the main constructive forces are crustal deformation, volcanic eruptions, and deposition of sediment.. Crustal deformation occurs when the shape of land (or crust) is changed or deformed.


CONSTRUCTIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE FORCES Constructive Forces – Shape the surface of the Earth, by building up Mountains and Landmasses. Examples of Constructive Forces: Deposition - the process by which sediment is laid down by erosion and builds up on the Earth's surface Deformation - A change in the shape or dimensions of crust, resulting from stress.


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Constructive and Destructive Forces Comparing and Contrasting. Blog. 11 April 2019. Best 10 resources for pictures for presentations; 26 March 2019


Our Earth is ever changing. Some of these changes, like the creation of the Grand Canyon, take millions of years to happen, and some of them are catastrophic changes that occur in seconds. These changes to our Earth can be categorized as either constructive forces or destructive forces.