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A good example of consistency is choosing a specific color palette to use in marketing materials to create a standard, recognizable look. Another example of consistency in graphic design is using the same font and tone to achieve a uniform design across a website.


Data consistency means that data values are the same for all instances of an application. This data belongs together and describes a specific process at a specific time, meaning that the data is not changed during processing or transfers.


Although an annual physical exam can vary depending on the doctor, it typically involves a review of the patient's health history; a check of vital signs; and lung, heart, neurological, head, neck, dermatological and extremities examinations, according to WebMD. Laboratory and sex-specific tests are


A performance plan consists of the goals that an employee needs to achieve, what he should do to achieve those goals and the systems to measure performance. A supervisor goes through the performance plan with an employee at the start of a performance period.


Data consistency is a measure of uniformity of data as it moves across a network and between various applications on a computer. This uniformity in data maintains the accuracy and integrity of information stored on the computer or across a network and ensures that the data does not violate applicati


A typical computer system consists of both hardware and software. The hardware is composed of the electronic and mechanical devices, while software refers to the data and instructions that allow the computer to perform specific functions.


Components of a full physical exam vary depending on the patient's medical history, but a physical exam generally consists of reviewing the patient's medical history, taking his vital signs and examining his physical appearance, according to WebMD. Gender-specific exams, such as a breast or testicul


A typical atom consists of a nucleus that is surrounded by a cloud of electrons at a distance. The nucleus of an atom is usually made up of positively charged protons and neutrons that have no charge of their own. Electrons are negatively charged.


The exact process of a tune-up can vary between service providers, but some common components are an engine condition check, replacement of spark plugs and filters, and testing of the oxygen sensor. An oil change is also usually included if one has not been done recently.


Normal, healthy urine typically contains 95 percent water and 5 percent solutes. The solutes include elemental ions, such as potassium, calcium and chlorine. Solutes may also include urea, uric acid, creatine, hormones, fatty acids, carbohydrates and enzymes.