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Long Term Effects of the Cambodian Genocide . Subject. Genocide -- Cambodia. Description. Oral history video clip featuring Ben Kiernan, a professor, Yale University. This video was originally produced by Media Entertainment, Inc., for the 2000 documentary The Genocide Factor. Creator.


These causes and effects during the Cambodian Genocide severely impacted the Cambodians. The Khmer Rouge were one of the major causes that lead to all the effects that occurred during the time, without them Pol Pot’s plans would have been different and Cambodia would have been different today.


The Khmer Rouge restricted access to many freedoms, including religious observances, education, and medical care. Thousands were tortured and many were executed as part of the Cambodian genocide that was operated by the Khmer Rouge. 1.7 deaths are accounted for in the Cambodian genocide, making it one of the worst genocides in history.


-Vietnam invades Cambodia. - A peace agreement signed in Paris brought Cambodia under UN political protection. -Years later, the country's monarchy was restored. -International Crime Tribunal set up. -Foreign Investment in tourist towns. -Becomes agriculturally dependent.


Cambodian Genocide Horrors. Search this site. The Cambodian Genocide. Authors. Background Information. Bibliography. Devices of Torture. Effects of the Khmer Rouge. Photo Gallery. Pol Pot. Refugees. The Vietnam War. Site owners. Kludt 19; Effects of the Khmer Rouge. The effects of the Khmer Rouge were outrageous! When they came in, there were ...


The Lingering Effects of the Cambodian Genocide on Education. Decimated by genocide, Cambodia’s educational progress so far is surely commendable. ... aims to improve an education system still ...


De Walque studies the long-term impact of genocide during the period of the Khmer Rouge (1975–79) in Cambodia and contributes to the literature on the economic analysis of conflict. Using mortality data for siblings from the Cambodia Demographic and Health Survey in 2000, he shows that excess mortality was extremely high and heavily ...


Psychological effects. Cambodian youth who had been a part of the Cambodian genocide experienced high levels of violence early on in their lives. Many youth survivors have shown symptoms of PTSD. The amount of Cambodian genocide survivors with PTSD is five times higher than the average in the United States.


The Government of Cambodia insisted that the trial of those who carried out the genocide must be held in Cambodia using Cambodian staff and judges together with foreign personnel. Cambodia invited International participation due the weaknesses in the existing legal system and the International nature of the crimes.


Cambodia: Aftermath. JUSTICE. In the immediate aftermath of the Khmer Rouge regime, in August 1979 a People’s Revolutionary Tribunal led by the new Vietnamese regime tried Pol Pot and Ieng Sary in absentia for the crime of genocide. The trial was not recognized as legitimate: the defendants were not present, they had no legal counsel, and ...