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Meaning of Political Apathy. Simply put, Political Apathy is the lack of interest displayed by a citizen of a country towards political activities.The word apathy was formed from the ancient Greek word apathies which means lack of feelings. In a broader sense, Political Apathy is the indifference on the part of any citizen of any country with regard to his/her attitude towards political ...


Below are some of the reasons for political apathy. Bad Governance: When government doesn't listen to the yearnings of the people, or is carefree about their feelings, there is bound to be general lack of interest towards activities of the government.


Political apathy is a feeling of disinterest in the sense of politics or apathy towards politics. It can consist of interest apathy, voter apathy, and information apathy. It can be categorized as the indifference of an individual and a lack of interest in participating in political activities.


In this paper we will xray what is political apathy, causes or reasons for political apathy, effects of political apathy and most importantly remedy and how we can fight political apathy. Political apathy refers to the lackadaisical attitude of a citizen towards the political or other affairs of government of his or her state.


Political apathy is a common phenomena in Nigeria today. Many citizens have given up political participation because of various reasons. For example, in the just concluded 2019 presidential election, it was reported that about 45% of the total number of people in Nigeria, didn’t exercise their franchise.


SS 3 Civic Education First Term Week 2 Topic - Political Apathy Contents: Political Apathy Reasons for Political Apathy Effects of Political Apathy Ways of Fighting Political Apathy Political Apathy Political apathy is the indifference on the part of any citizen of any country with regard to their attitude towards political activities.


Apathy is no mood for a crisis like the present. At such a moment, indif- ference is worse than a sin of omission ; it is political levity, it is almost political cynicism. If we are worsted in the great conflict after doing all that it is in our power to do, the fault is not ours.


Beginning with an explanation of the ways in which apathy is apparent within politics, I then attempt to address its causes, concluding that feelings of disconnection and disenchantment with political parties, along with social status and education, are the main determinants of political participation.


A survey of less experienced eligible voters tests relationships among cynicism toward the political system, negativism toward campaigns, apathy toward political participation, third‐person perceptions for political polling and advertising, voting efficacy and voting intentions.


Voter Apathy. Voter apathy refers to a lack of interest in participating in elections by certain groups of voters. One side-effect of voter apathy can be low voter turnout on election day if voting is non-compulsory. In countries or areas with compulsory elections, voter apathy may manifest itself in the form of a high proportion of spoilt ballots or donkey votes.