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The best way to get Wi-Fi without an internet connection varies depending on where you are and how you want to use the connection. People who do a lot of work on-the-go should consider a fully-fledged mobile hotspot. Occasional casual users might want to use tethering or buy an internet stick.


Although most laptops produced today can automatically pick up a Wi-Fi signal, not every signal you use on your laptop has to be wireless. If you don't want to connect to the Internet without wires, there are several ways that you can create a wired connection for your laptop.


Absolutely! A Wi-Fi router, hot spot, or other device that provides a Wi-Fi signal for other devices to connect with, will do just that without an Internet connection. This can be done to create an ad-hoc local network for multiple people to play ...


Internet cannot be access even by Ethernet and WiFi shows limited connection: How to transfer my photos on to my lap top which has wi fi but my computer cannot connect to the internet: Help Internet connection: Toshiba satellite M35x-S149 win xp cant connect to the internet: laptop internet speed decreases heavily from 500mbps to ~~10mbps


The iPad is great as a portable computer given its size, but once you leave a Wi-Fi zone, it loses most of what enables it to shine: an internet connection. Whether you’re on the road without a ...


How to connect your phone to the internet without wifi. If your wifi on your phone is broken, watch this tutorial on how to connect to the internet.Easy voice tutorial. This will only work with ...


Here we tell you how you can connect your TV to the internet without built-in Wi-Fi: * If the TV comes sans in-built Wi-Fi connectivity but supports mirroring, you can enjoy the internet even without Wi-Fi. Essentially what you need to do is mirror content from your internet-connected smartphone to the big screen TV.


You can go wireless without having a modem in place. The WAN connection, which is where you would normally connect to a cable or DSL modem, can plug into the existing network that is in place.


The iPhone defaults to connecting via Wi-Fi when it's available, which helps you avoid running up data charges. If you need to get online while not near a Wi-Fi hot spot, however, the phone will ...


How to Connect to a Wireless Internet Connection. This wikiHow teaches you how to connect your iPhone, Android, Windows computer, or Mac computer to wireless Internet. Open Settings . You'll likely find it on the Home Screen.