Conjunctions and disjunctions are types of compound propositions found in propositional logic. A conjunction is true only if both of its component propositions are true. A disjunction is true if at least one of its compo... More »

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A coefficient, in math, refers to the number that precedes a letter variable. For example, in the term 4*x, the coefficient is equal to 4, while the variable is "x." If a number is not attached to a variable through a mu... More » Math Algebra

Math Helper is an educational application that provides answers to mathematical questions and displays the problem-solving process for reference. The app deals with mathematical subjects such as algebra, calculus and pro... More » Math Algebra

A term in mathematics is defined as a number, variable or number-variable combination in an algebraic expression or equation. Terms are separated from each other by a plus, minus or equal sign. More »

Discrete mathematics is a branch of mathematics dealing with structures that are basically discrete rather than continuous. Discrete items are those that are distinctly separated from each other. Discrete mathematics dea... More » Math Algebra

In math, expanded form can refer to any type of expression, equation or notation that is completely broken down into its individual parts. Expanded form is commonly used in teaching students place value and factoring. More »