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A train conductor is the person who takes tickets, shouts "All aboard!" and might control the engine, while a musical conductor is the one who leads an orchestra. Same job title — not the same person.


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Many different materials can be conductors but metals are the best conducting materials that are available to us. A conductor allows electrons to flow freely across its surface. Examples of Conductors: 1. Copper wire is often used in electrical wire to conduct electricity. 2. Metal pots and pans transfer heat from the stove to the food inside ...


Conductors. Some materials let electricity pass through them easily. These materials are known as electrical conductors. Many metals, such as copper, iron and steel, are good electrical conductors.


Electrical Conductor Definition: The conductor is the type of metal which allows the electrical current to flow through it. The electrical conductor is generally made up of metals like copper, aluminium and their alloys. In an electrical conductor, the electrical charges moves from atom to atom when the potential difference is applied across them.


Conductors Definition Insulators Definition. Difference between Conductor and Insulator. We differentiate the elements around us based on their physical properties such as malleability, phase, texture, colour, polarity, solubility, etc.


This provides us with a definition of a unit of electric force, for it is the strength of an electric field at that point where a small conductor carrying a unit charge is acted upon by unit mechanical force, assuming the dielectric constant of the surrounding medium to be unity.


Thermal conductor synonyms, Thermal conductor pronunciation, Thermal conductor translation, English dictionary definition of Thermal conductor. n. A measure of the ability of a material to allow the flow of heat from its warmer surface through the material to its colder surface, determined as the...