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Hyponatremia occurs when the concentration of sodium in your blood is abnormally low. Sodium is an electrolyte, and it helps regulate the amount of water that's in and around your cells. In hyponatremia, one or more factors — ranging from an underlying medical condition to drinking too much water — cause the sodium in your body to become ...


Many factors can cause low blood sodium. Your sodium levels may get too low if your body loses too much water and electrolytes. Hyponatremia may also be a symptom of certain medical conditions.


If the sodium in your blood is too low, you have a condition called hyponatremia. It can happen because of certain medical conditions, some medicines you might be taking, or if you drink too much ...


Hyponatremia or low sodium blood levels may result from excess fluid in the body relative to a normal amount of sodium, or it may be due to a loss of sodium and body fluid caused by chronic conditions like kidney or congestive heart failure.


The cause of low sodium must be diagnosed and treated. If cancer is the cause of the condition, then radiation, chemotherapy , or surgery to remove the tumor may correct the sodium imbalance. Other treatments depend on the specific type of hyponatremia.


List of 20 causes of Low sodium This section shows a full list of all the diseases and conditions listed as a possible cause of Low sodium in our database from various sources. Acrodynia - low sodium levels


Low sodium levels can cause symptoms including confusion, lethargy, and cramping, which are usually brought on by other medical conditions or illnesses. Low sodium levels in the blood can occur due to a number of causes and conditions that can be detected.


Conditions that can lead to falsely low sodium measurements include high blood protein levels such as in multiple myeloma, high blood fat levels, and high blood sugar. Treatment is based on the underlying cause. Correcting hyponatremia too quickly can lead to complications.


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Low sodium levels are considered any measurement under 135 mmol/L. Measurements under 120 mEq/L. Hyponatremia can occur suddenly or gradually over a period of time, depending on the underlying cause. Hyponatremia is very common, with more than 200,000 new cases reported every year in the US.