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According to Math Goodies, a conditional statement in math is defined as an if/then statement symbolized by p (arrow symbol) q, where "q" is a conclusion and "p" is a hypothesis. The arrow symbol denotes the logical connector in a conditional statement.


A conditional statement is an "if-then" statement used in geometry to relate a particular hypothesis to its conclusion. An arrow originating at the hypothesis, denoted by p, and pointing at the conclusion, denoted by q, represents a conditional statement. A conditional ...


"Nothing but the Truth: A Documentary Novel" is about a New Hampshire boy who gains national attention after being suspended from school for humming the national anthem during class. The 1992 young adult book was written by American author Edward Irving Wortis, who is b...


Some good questions for the game Truth are "What is your most embarrassing memory?", "What is the worst gift you have ever received?" or "What is the worst rumor you have ever participated in?" Usually the game of Truth is combined with dares, making it Truth or Dare.


Retirement plans differ tremendously and may have different information listed on retirement plan statements, as the Department of Labor reports. Plans are required by law to regularly send statements detailing the plan's performance, total invested, vestment informatio...


While there are ways to coax information out of someone, such as asking for simple honesty, making a person tell the truth can be difficult. By following some simple strategies, it is possible to try to get a person to be open and honest.


The Food Additives Amendment was enacted in 1958, 20 years after the original Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act was signed in 1938 by President Roosevelt. Earlier in 1906, the Wiley Act became law, it but was difficult to enforce and eventually became obsolete.