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Marketing implications are changes in sales or other results that can be expected from a particular strategy. For instance, a plan to communicate more openly with customers has marketing implications of increased customer satisfaction. Marketing implications can be posi...


A practical implication is the outcome or end result that occurs if specific events take place. "Practical" applies to actual results while an "implication" refers to a logical connection between the condition and the outcome.


The term "social implications" refers to the effects that the actions of an individual or group have on such variables as the values, demographics or economic condition of an individual, families or a community. Increased demographic diversity, for example, is one possi...


According to Math Goodies, a conditional statement in math is defined as an if/then statement symbolized by p (arrow symbol) q, where "q" is a conclusion and "p" is a hypothesis. The arrow symbol denotes the logical connector in a conditional statement.


The implications of high blood pressure for overall health include possible damage to the arteries, brain, heart and kidneys, according to Mayo Clinic. This damage can occur quietly over many years until relatively severe symptoms show up. Ultimate implications include ...


A problem statement is a brief introduction at the beginning of a document that explains the problem or issue to be discussed. The problem statement is usually one or two sentences in length.


Legal implications of animal abuse vary greatly from one state to another, ranging from misdemeanor convictions with small fines to felony violations with long jail terms, reports Nolo. Some state statutes are broadly worded and generally forbid all forms of cruelty, wh...