According to Math Goodies, a conditional statement in math is defined as an if/then statement symbolized by p (arrow symbol) q, where "q" is a conclusion and "p" is a hypothesis. The arrow symbol denotes the logical conn... More » Math Algebra

To learn the basics of Microsoft Excel, watch tutorials and read instructions on the tutorials' Web page and the basic tasks Web page of Microsoft Excel. These Web pages provide graphical and video instructions on differ... More » Technology Software

In an "if-then" statement in math, the "then" part of the statement is the conclusion. It is the part of the statement that is the end result. More »

A converse statement is a conditional statement that switches around the hypothesis and the conclusion. A conditional statement claims that if "a," then "b," and the converse of that states that if "b," then "a." More » Education Writing

A conditional statement is an "if-then" statement used in geometry to relate a particular hypothesis to its conclusion. An arrow originating at the hypothesis, denoted by p, and pointing at the conclusion, denoted by q, ... More »

An equation in math is a statement stating that two math expressions are equal. An equation always consists of an equal sign. The equal sign in an equation is read as "this equals that." More » Math Algebra

In math, a function is a statement that contains one or more variables that can be calculated to produce one or more answers. Math functions range from the simple to the complex. Evaluating a function at a particular poi... More » Math Algebra