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A condensation reaction is a chemical reaction between two compounds where one of the products is water, ethanol, acetic acid, hydrogen sulfide, or ammonia.A condensation reaction is also known as a dehydration reaction.This type of reaction forms an addition product and water in the presence of a catalyst or under acidic or basic conditions.


Condensation reaction: Condensation reaction, any of a class of reactions in which two molecules combine, usually in the presence of a catalyst, with elimination of water or some other simple molecule. The combination of two identical molecules is known as self-condensation. Aldehydes, ketones, esters, alkynes


A condensation reaction is a class of organic addition reaction that typically proceeds in a step-wise fashion to produce the addition product, usually in equilibrium, and a water molecule (hence named condensation).The reaction may otherwise involve the functional groups of the molecule, and formation of a small molecule such as ammonia, ethanol, or acetic acid instead of water.


Condensation Definition. Condensation has multiple meanings in the field of biology. A condensation reaction is when two smaller molecules join to form a larger one by removing functional groups that form a small molecule, often water.Condensation can also refer to a state change in water from gas to liquid, which is an important step in the water cycle.


Define condensation reactions. condensation reactions synonyms, condensation reactions pronunciation, condensation reactions translation, English dictionary definition of condensation reactions. n. 1. The act of condensing. 2. The state of being condensed. 3. An abridgment or shortening of something, especially of a written work or speech.


Define Condensation reaction. Condensation reaction synonyms, Condensation reaction pronunciation, Condensation reaction translation, English dictionary definition of Condensation reaction. n. 1. The act of condensing. 2. The state of being condensed. 3. An abridgment or shortening of something, especially of a written work or speech.


condensation reaction a reaction involving the removal of water (dehydration) from two or more small molecules to form a new larger compound. For example, the disaccharide carbohydrate sucrose is formed by a condensation reaction between glucose and fructose molecules.


condensation [kon″den-sa´shun] 1. the act of rendering or process of becoming more compact; compression. 2. the packing of dental filling material into a prepared tooth cavity. 3. a mental process in which one symbol stands for a number of components and contains all the emotions associated with them. 4. conversion from the gaseous state to the ...


Condensation definition is - the act or process of condensing: such as. How to use condensation in a sentence.


Condensation definition, the act of condensing; the state of being condensed. See more. ... a reaction between two or more organic molecules leading to the formation of a larger molecule and the elimination of a simple molecule such as water or alcohol. ... The closing scene of the fourth act of this tragedy can well be studied as a striking ...