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The current hot topics in computer science research, as of December 2014, are parallel and distributed computing together with areas of software development. Considering the current challenge of creating a complex but accurate computer system, research for advancement in programming or areas of soft


Students could focus on comparing how several search engines work, build their own computers, make apps that would include their school or community, create or remodel websites, design a new programming language or examine the energy usage resulting from devices. Some areas of computer science proje


Some ideas for political science research topics include: child soldiers in Africa, the 14th Amendment and privacy, truth commissions and civil society, war and peace in the Middle East and marriage equality. Political science is defined as the study of systems of government and the analysis of poli


A research proposal must contain an abstract, a statement regarding the importance of the research, a literature review, research methodology and statistical modeling information, available resources, a budget, key faculty and staff contributing to the research and references. Writing a research pro


Computer science is the study of processing information using computers. It includes both theoretical and applied topics such as higher math, algorithms, computational processes, computer design, software design and human-computer interaction.


A good research topic addresses a specific question or problem in a meaningful way. Good research topics answer questions, such as who, what, when, where, why and how, about the subject.


Seminar topics for computer science may include Java, virtual reality, ethical hacking, parallel databases and ambient intelligence. These topics may be used in seminars, but they also make excellent topics for college papers.


A good research topic should have depth, along with many details and aspects to research. Midway College provides a list of 100 research topics, and some examples include: the efficacy of abstinence programs, the sexualization of toady's advertising media, and how Africa can overcome it's challenges


Science topics must deal with something provable by facts, such as the environment, fossil fuels, green energy, climate change, evolution, dark matter, space travel, planetary motion, black holes and other evidence-based things. These are subjects that have either been confirmed by scientific fact o


As of 2014, trending computer science engineering seminar topics include: The Panoptic Studio: Social Signal Processing in a 500 Camera Facility; Identity Theatre on the Welfare Stage: A Tale of Biometrics and Bias in India. Another hot topic is: A Case Study of Toyota Unintended Acceleration and So