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Old computers are safely disposed of by wiping the hard drive and donating or recycling the unit. Using a responsible electronics recycler keeps the computer and its potentially dangerous components out of the landfill. If the computer still works, donating it to a charity is another option.


To safely dispose of a computer hard drive, take it to an e-waste processing center or a retailer such as Best Buy that offers electronics recycling, as of 2015. It is also possible to physically destroy the hard drive yourself and include the parts in a normal trash removal.


Three options for disposal of unwanted books are to trade, sell or donate them. Books generally cannot be recycled with other household paper because of the glue that binds the book together.


To dispose of a computer or computer equipment safely and in an environmentally responsible manner, back up and then destroy all data, then either donate, sell, repurpose or recycle the equipment. You can ask the computer supplier for assistance. Some suppliers can recommend educational or social fo


Several waste disposal locations include LA Sanitation's Solvents, Automotive, Flammable and Electronics centers in Northridge, in San Pedro, California, and in Los Angeles, and Sarasota Country Waste Management centers has drop-off locations in Sarasota and in Venice, Florida. Specialized centers d


The best way to dispose of unused medication is through community disposal programs. Otherwise, mixing the medication with a substance such as coffee grounds, sealing it in a container, blacking out all identifying personal information on the bottle and disposing it in a trash can is acceptable, say


Green waste disposal involves taking green waste materials to landfills and recycling centers where it is converted into compost and mulch. Green waste is made up of bush and shrub clippings, lawn cuttings, garden waste and leaves. People who have their green waste picked up should not add rocks, di


Garbage disposals are composed of an upper hopper, shredder ring, flywheel, lower hopper and motor. When the garbage disposal is turned on, the flywheel spins at nearly 2,000 rotations per minute. Any garbage that passes through the upper hopper falls directly onto the spinning flywheel, and is push


Trash disposal sites are areas that are designated for disposal of trash and debris. Trash disposal sites are often referred to as landfills and dumps. Historically, trash disposal sites were known as middens.


One way to dispose of unused concrete is to have the ready-mix company that delivered the concrete remove the excess or use a reclaimer to separate any mixed concrete for future use. For used or old concrete blocks, call a local green contractor who accepts donations, and arrange for him to pick up