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Compound-Miter.com and EliteTrimWorks.com provide charts for compound miter saw cuts. To find the correct chart, review the ones on each website for the corner angle that matches your project.


Use a power miter saw by keeping it steady and holding it firm. Make sure you adjust the angle for cleaner cuts as well as practice safety techniques. Manual miter saws may require a different set of techniques.


To use a miter cut chart such as the chart for cutting crown molding at DeWalt.com, first measure the angle of the corner between two walls. Find the angle on the chart in the first column on the left to see which miter and bevel settings are needed for the miter saw. T...


When making compound miter cuts, always test the angles with scrap material before making the final cut. Bear in mind that the cuts are directional, so there is always a left side and a right side. To make compound miter cuts on a band-saw, lay the wood flat and cut at ...


To cut a 90-degree angle on crown molding using a compound miter saw, simply hold the molding on the saw bed upside down. Cut at the same angle as the shape of the wall's corner.


A miter cut is an angled cut made on a piece of wood. Special saws are used to make these angled cuts.


ThisOldHouse.com, RonHazelton.com and DoItYourself.com each have project instructions for cutting molding with a miter saw. These sites walk users through the steps of measuring and cutting different types of molding.