Word processing software allows users to type letters or other electronic text documents and send them to a connected printer to produce paper copies. A text document can be edited and formatted to customize the fonts an... More »

Type and print a letter online by using an online word processor such as those available through Microsoft Office Live, Google Docs, Zoho Docs and ThinkFree Online, as of 2015. Each tool allows you to type and format the... More »

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Compose a letter of request by introducing yourself, making the request and then asking the reader of the letter to take a particular action. You need pen and paper or a computer and printer. Writing the letter of reques... More »

Even though Microsoft Word does not come with a font suitable for bubble letters, users can download a bubble letter font from the Internet and use it in Word documents. There are multiple types of bubble fonts available... More »

Word processing skills refer to the know-how of using word processing software to create professional word documents. These skills are necessary to create letters, emails, organizations' reports and other documents. More »

To print labels and tags at home, create a template in a word processing or design program, insert the appropriate paper into the printer, and print as many copies as needed. Tags and labels can be cut by hand, with a di... More »

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In order to scan documents using an all-in-one printer, first make sure that the printer is connected to a computer or that it has a stable wireless connection. Ensure that the surface of the scanner is clean and that th... More »

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