A compliance officer helps private businesses and government organizations adhere to internal policies and outside regulatory guidelines, according to Investopedia. Large corporations frequently employ a Chief Compliance... More »

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Responsibilities of a compliance department include ensuring that the board of directors, management and employees abide by the company's internal policies. Depending on the nature of the business, a compliance departmen... More »

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics defines the duties of a compliance officer as examining, evaluating and investigating the conformity of a company's actions with rules and regulations related to contract compliance an... More »

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As second in command of a division or section of a police department, a police inspector is responsible for assigning work to police officers, supervising their work, and enforcing compliance of department policies and p... More »

A radiation safety officer is a person who is responsible for ensuring that radioactive materials are used in compliance with government regulations. He is also responsible for recommending corrective actions and impleme... More »

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A compliance analyst's job involves overseeing the operational activities of a company to ensure that the company is in the good graces of the government's regulations and laws specific to its particular field, notes Stu... More »

A trade certificate, also known as a professional certificate, is a form of documentation issued by a government board or entity that demonstrates the owner's knowledge of and compliance with the specific regulatory stan... More »