Jan 8, 2017 ... Using “Benchmark” fraction one half to compare fractions. Visit: https://www. iconmath.com to see all videos and a complete set of resources.


Oct 1, 2018 ... This video demonstrates how to use benchmark fractions, such as 1/2, to compare fractions with unlike denominators. When students show that ...


Mar 3, 2014 ... hi keep up the good work, keep on teaching children what they need to learn, bye have a good day. Read more. Show less. Reply 4 5.


Nov 15, 2010 ... Elementary students are required to compare fractions in order to determine which of two fractions are the larger number. This can be confusing ...


Practice compare fractions using benchmark with Khan Academy's free online exercises.


Sal compares fractions on a number line. ... Practice: Visually compare fractions with unlike denominators ... Practice: Compare fractions using benchmark.


When comparing two fractions with different numerators and denominators, we can either make their denominators common or compare them to a benchmark ...


In this lesson, you will learn how to compare fractions with different numerators and denominators to the benchmark fraction of one half by using number lines.


Jul 24, 2017 ... Today I'm continuing the series on developing fraction sense with You've Got This Math, and will be sharing comparing fractions using ...


Another useful strategy is to compare fractions to a benchmark of 1/2. Students should have many opportunities to explore fractions equivalent to 1/2 using ...