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The student uses a strategy other than benchmark fractions (e.g., common denominators or visual fraction model) to compare but is unable to justify his or her comparison by using benchmark fractions. The student attempts to use benchmark fractions but makes mistakes when locating the fractions on the number line.


Benchmark fractions are common fractions that you can use to judge and compare other fractions. To begin, encourage students to use 1/2 as a benchmark for comparing and reasoning about fractions. As students progress, you can encourage them to use any unit fraction as a benchmark for comparison.


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Fractions are built from the unit fractions so it is important to understand and be able to represent the unit fractions. If using the fraction cards with pictures, equal sized wholes are important when comparing fractions. In a picture of equivalent fractions, the whole is broken into different sized pieces, but the same total amount is shaded.

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Students who may need additional practice would benefit from comparing fractions using the same denominator. For a greater challenge, students may extend the idea of comparing fractions by using improper fractions. O: Students use different types of fraction manipulatives to help them compare and order fractions.


Calculator Use. Compare fractions to find which fraction is larger and which is smaller. You can also use this calculator to compare mixed numbers and improper fractions. How to Compare Fractions. To compare fractions with unlike denominators convert them to equivalent fractions with the same denominator.


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Elementary students are required to compare fractions in order to determine which of two fractions are the larger number. This can be confusing because fractions are not whole numbers. It is ...


Compare fractions practice. Comparing fractions is an important concept in the understanding of fractions. Our program helps to train this skill. Practice to compare fractions to 1, 1/2. Recognize simple equivalent fractions. Compare fractions by using benchmarks and other strategies. Compare fractions by making numerators or denominators the same.