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Some gas providers in Georgia include Gas South, FireSide Natural Gas Company, Georgia Natural Gas and True Natural Gas. All four providers offer both commercial and residential gas services.


The Georgia Public Service Commission's website produces monthly charts that detail companies and their rates for natural gas. Monthly charts are available as far back as 2002.


Georgia Natural Gas accepts payments in the form of checks or money orders, payments by phone, online bill pay, and automatic bank drafts. Additionally, customers can make payments through Wal-Mart stores, K-Mart stores and Western Union payment stations.


Missouri Gas Energy offers natural gas services to those in the western Missouri and Kansas City areas, and as of 2015, it is part of the Laclede Gas Company. Missouri Gas Energy delivers natural gas to both residential and commercial customers and provides various online services, such as bill paym


Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe in 1732 after he was given a charter by King George II to create a new colony between South Carolina and Florida. The state was subsequently named after the king.


One of the most direct ways to locate gas providers in a region is to visit a website of the town, county or state in question. Gas companies that operate over a large area sometimes have an online list or map of areas that they serve.


The New Mexico Gas Company provides natural gas service to over 500,000 customers in New Mexico as well as a variety of energy-efficiency and cost-reduction programs, pipeline safety planning and public awareness campaigns, and assistance to low-income New Mexico residents. The company's customer se


The state of Georgia in the United States was officially established as a state on Jan. 2, 1788, and is the youngest among the 13 original states. Prior to achieving statehood, Georgia was founded in 1732 and had boundaries that included a large portion of both Mississippi and Alabama.


The country of Georgia is located on the dividing line between Asia and Europe. It is situated in the Caucasus Mountains and borders the Black Sea. Georgia borders four other countries, which are Armenia, Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.


To compare current gas prices in California, visit FuelGaugeReport.com, click California on the U.S. state map and click View California Metro Areas to view tables of prices by area. To compare prices within a specific city, visit GasBuddy.com, enter the city or ZIP in the search box and press Searc