When drawing a Venn diagram to compare and contrast hurricanes and tornadoes, all their properties should be listed. Their similarities should be listed where the circles overlap, and their differences should be listed w... More »

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Free online templates for constructing Venn diagrams can be found on various education websites including Classtools.net, SoftSchools.com and Education World. These websites offer diagrams with two to four circles. More »

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A Venn diagram is a visual tool to show relationships and difference between multiple sets of data. A Venn diagram is capable of displaying set relationships and logical relationships. More »

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A Venn diagram works to show logical relationships and set relationships. People can use them to determine the different features that two objects share. More »

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Venn diagrams with three circles compare the intersection of three separate concepts. Create a Venn diagram with three circles by drawing two overlapping circles and then a third circle that intersects the other two with... More »

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The relative danger of hurricanes and tornadoes depends on the situation. While hurricanes are more destructive to large communities, tornadoes are less predictable, more intense and more immediately dangerous to humans ... More »

A tape diagram is a visual way to solve word problems in mathematics, and the way to make one is to draw colored blocks to represent the quantities in the word problem. Redrawing the colored blocks an appropriate number ... More »

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