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Registration of a Private Business Corporation, Zimbabwe This is a business entity registered in terms of the Private Business Corporation Act (Chapter 24:11). This Act allows a small business to become a body corporate with limited liability and perpetual succession.


All clients, including individuals, companies, partnerships and cooperatives who want to venture into any business are required to register with ZIMRA online and comply with all obligations as stipulated in the legislation. To register, clients are required to have a bank account among other requirements.

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6. Office for the Registration of Companies and Other Business Entities; Registrar, registries and inspectorate. 7. Funds of Companies Office. 8. Annual and other reports of Companies Office. 9. Form of registers and other documents. 10. Forms and tables and application of certain Schedules and licences. 11. Registrar’s power to refuse ...


Newsday Zimbabwe Everyday News ... and comply with the legal requirements associated with business and commerce. ... private limited company or buying a shelf company. Lawyers and registration ...


AN ACT to consolidate and amend the laws in force in Zimbabwe relating to the constitution, i n- corporation, registration, management, administration and winding up of companies and other associations, and for other purposes incidental thereto. [Date of commencement: 1st April, 1952.] 1 Short title PART I PRELIMINARY


Company Registration Zimbabwe. 4K likes. Company Registration Zimbabwe is where you can find free advice on the requirements, process and tips and trick on everything to do with company formation in...

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ZIMBABWE >> Regulation Overview Consignment-Based Conformity [CBCA] The Zimbabwe Government has signed on 16/03/15 a 4-year Consignment-Based Conformity [CBCA] contract with a French global company, Bureau Veritas. The contract is for the provision of pre-shipment services


Microfinance business offers people a platform to gain credit access by giving out loans e.g. personal loans, business loans, salary based loans. Some may argue that money lending business is a flooded market in Zimbabwe given that there are too many microfinancing institutions, as well as banks.


As the number of trusts continues to accelerate in Zimbabwe, authorities report that a corresponding increase in abusive tactics related to such trusts, such as various techniques used to depreciate personal assets, deduct personal expenses, and under-report income; and attempts to protect transactions e.g. money laundering through bank confidentiality laws and the abuse of domestic and ...


Company will only be added to the company registration queue after the proposed name has been approved. If all proposed names fail, then the company will still be registered using the company's enterprise number as the company name. You will have to apply for another name and when it's approved you will have to follow a company name change process.