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Registering a Company in Zimbabwe: Key Things You Need to Know. By Jerry Nyazungu April 17, 2019 ... To apply for a bank account one needs the official company registration documents, supporting documentation (proof of residence for al director), the deposit fee (varies according to bank), and a bank advice note which instructs the bank to open ...


Company registration in Zimbabwe differs a little bit if you are registering a foreign company. A foreign company has a bit more that needs to be done. This article explore in depth on how to register a foreign company in Zimbabwe. Requirements as to foreign companies


Zimbabwe Company Registration. Zimbabwe company registration. The Republic of Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in Southern Africa and is bordered by South Africa, Zambia, and Mozambique. Zimbabwe is presently very active in promoting the investment necessary for the rebuilding of its economy.


The Parliament of Zimbabwe is in the process of establishing a new law for the registration and operation of companies in Zimbabwe. This law will replace the current Companies Act.


“The Companies’ Office must, therefore, be adequately capacitated to meet the requirements of the new law and players seeking company registration,” he said.


All clients, including individuals, companies, partnerships and cooperatives who want to venture into any business venture are required to register with ZIMRA and comply with all obligations as stipulated in the legislation. To register, you are required to have a bank account among other requirements.

www.veritaszim.net/sites/veritas_d/files/Companies Act [Chapter 24-03] updated.pdf

of company. Articles of Association. 17. Articles prescribing regulations for companies. 18. Application of Table A and void provisions. 19. Form and signature of articles. 20. Alteration of articles. 21. Registration of memorandum and articles. 22. Effect of registration and use of seal. Registration. 23. Conclusiveness of certificate of ...


Online Company Registration now a possibility in Zimbabwe. Let's go through the process step by step digging deep into Name Search especially


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Each of the different business entities under these categories has specific requirements in terms of the documentation that is required for company registration. The following article refers to ...