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We can print on 103 fabrics to make your creative projects a reality. Our digital fabric printing process is a specialist one that bonds the ink with the material, creating deep, rich prints that won't peel away or scratch off. When you make your custom fabric with us at Bags of Love, you can rest assured they'll last a lifetime.


Digital Fabric Printer. Turn your vision into a reality using us as your digital fabric printer. We use cutting edge technology and software provide digital fabric printing services, and can put photos, paintings, patterns, and other works of art on various types of fabric.


The possibilities are endless with printing photos on fabric. Photo Fabric comes in a variety of fabrics and sizes. In the 8 1/2" x 11" Photo Fabric Sheets we have four different materials: Cotton Poplin, Cotton Twill, Cotton Canvas and a Silk Habotai. Each of these packages contain five 8 1/2" x 11" sheets for printing photos on fabric.


Print On Fabric Now, any photo or design can be printed directly onto cotton or silk fabric using a computer and InkJet Printer or an Ink Jet Copier. Print on Fabrics are specially treated silk and cotton fabrics with a paper backing which run smoothly through most all brands of ink jet printers.


Fabric Printing Service for Artists and Designers. High quality digital prints on fabrics including, silks, chiffon, cottons, polyesters, and more. COVID-19 Notice • We’re open for processing orders, but closed to public visits.


Wide Format Printing on Textiles. Just Vision It’s large format continuous dye sublimation printing is ideal for turning your digital imagery into fabric for use in fashion. We already make a variety of different fabrics for US fashion labels. Polyester is such a versatile fabric with blends being near indistinguishable from cotton and silk, making it the ideal fabric for many fashion items.


About Design Your Fabric. Created by The Emerson Group to give designers of all levels the tools to digitally print on fabric, right from your desk. Whether for pillows or runway samples, with custom digital printing your designs transfer seamlessly to almost any fabric.


Print the bonded fabric. Printing options differ. Choose the highest quality setting your printer offers, often labeled as a 'photo' setting. Using an image with a high resolution provides the best results (photos downloaded from the Internet are usually of lower quality). Allow the inks to dry and carefully remove the freezer paper backing.


Buy custom print on demand fabric from our online collection. No minimums! Choose from 25 quality fabrics. Ships out to you in 10-15 business days. Or, upload your own design for a truly one-of-kind print.


Flip the image so that it is mirrored using your computer programme or printer settings, then print onto a sheet of image transfer paper. Cut out, leaving a 5mm border all round. 2. Cut out your fabric to 27x55cm and sew a single hem along one of the short edges.